Fight Against the Indian Variant - Cheaper Fees to Send Money to India and Sri Lanka!

Fight Against the Indian Variant - Cheaper Fees to Send Money to India and Sri Lanka!

The Indian Variant of the COVID-19 also known as the B.1.617 variant, is creating a massive outbreak of infections and fatalities in the Indian sub-continent. At this time of crucial juncture, it's imperative for all of us to stay together and help each other.

One of the best ways to render help in this tough time of crisis is to transfer money to your loved ones, families and friends, and beyond doubt it can be assured that a money transfer might your loved ones a lot. Use Teeparam Exchange for your fee-free money transfer and help to make a difference in their lives and help families, charities and local authorities to fight the 2 nd wave of the Covid-19.

Reasons to choose Teeparam Exchange in this tough time?

  • At Teeparam, we offer the best rates.
  • Speed for transfers to Sri Lanka and India in the market!
  • We've been helping people all over the UK, to send money to Sri Lanka and India.
  • Teeparam Exchange was established mainly for immigrant, expatriates, students and working folks
  • Our main aim and core responsibility is to provide the best rates with world-class customer care.
  • Transparency built with trust! No hidden charges
  • Fee-free money transfer specially framed for our dear customers.

Remit to India and Sri Lanka with our mobile app:

For a money transfer to Sri Lanka and India, you can use Teeparam's mobile app or website to transfer money. With Teeparam Exchange it's very easy and cheap. We also offer you a better rate on sending or remit money to Sri Lanka or India .

You can also use our website or the App and choose the amount you want to send, select where you want the money to be paid out and decide if you want to pay with your bank account, or card. That's it!

What more? You also get a fee-free transfer to India and Sri Lanka with Teeparam Exchange on registration.

How we operate at Teeparam Exchange:

At Teeparam Exchange we realize that it's your hard-earned money. We make sure to send you the highest rates and keep fees to a minimum because you deserve to get a better rate and pay low fees.

  • You pay for what is displayed.
  • The beneficiary receives the money on time.
  • No hidden charges
  • We value transparency

Are you planning make money transfers or remit your money to Sri Lanka or India, at this crucial time, well! We have you covered up and make your process quick and easy. We can help you fight this virus adding our contribution in social responsibility.