Mobile App the new way of Transfering Money


As one of the leading money transfer companies, Teeparam Exchange is launching its mobile apps for the safety of the customers. In this pandemic situation, COVID-19 can affect our lives. Online presence matters the most and we have taken this initiative to keep our clients safe and sound. Do you want to send money to Sri Lanka or India? At Teeparam Exchange, we offer reasonable rates at low fees for money transfer.

Evolving technology changes the way how we transfer money

With the help of evolving technology, we are changing the way how money is transferred, making it more transparent and easier for the clients using secure mobile apps. When it comes to money transfer market, Teeparam Exchange is a reputed name providing professional money exchange services. To provide you more benefits, we aim at keeping the fees as low as possible. Money transfer has become an easy way of sending money to your loved ones through mobile apps. We keep your personal data safe and fully-encrypted. Your money transfer record is confidential with us.

Importance of web and online presence

Online presence has its own importance, without any doubt. With the outbreak of the pandemic, the importance of an online platform to transfer money has increased significantly. By launching our high-end money transfer app, we make the process of sending money as robust as possible with no additional fees. With an easy sign-up and secure login process, you can send money to India or Sri Lanka without any hassle. We have made the process very simple. Once you’re registered, all you need is to enter the amount and the bank details of your recipient. Most importantly, we keep you updated with email notifications about your money transfer to India or Sri Lanka.

Teeparam Exchange wants its customers to stay safe

At Teeparam Exchange, we take every step to value our customers. We keep them on the top priority, and the safety of our customers always comes in first. For that reason, we have changed the way to transfer money for your safety. Instead of coming to stores in this pandemic situation, use our reliable money transfer app and send money to your loved ones. All transfers are securely encrypted to give you peace of mind.

What’s included in the Teeparam Exchange Mobile Apps?

Here are some of the key things included in our mobile apps for money transfer.

  1. Easy, secure Sign up and login

    Teeparam Exchange has made the process of sign up and login very simple, easy and secure. All you need is to provide your email address and set a password so that no one can access it on your mobile.

  2. Refer a friend and earn £5

    You can share your referral link to invite your friends via email, SMS, and WhatsApp. For each qualifying referral, you will get £5 in return.

  3. Manage Transfers

    Using our money transfer mobile app, you can manage transfer history. Moreover, add and manage receivers on the apps.

  4. Sign up today and send money to Sri Lanka or India? in a blink of an eye!