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Send Money to Sri Lanka within a Snap

Teeparam exchange provides the most advanced and efficient services to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK. Being a developing nation and a major tourist attraction point, Sri Lanka receives huge remittance traction due to the expatriates and tourists. The exceptional money transfer services of Teeparam assists in sending money to Sri Lanka instantly with the most economical transaction charges.

How to send money to Sri Lanka?


Check the currency value of LKR is in your favor

Keep track of the currency value and find the most favorable time that the currency drops in its value. This makes your international transaction efficient and profitable. Find the optimal rate and execute your transaction.


Find the best way to send money from the UK to Sri Lanka

Compare the international money transfer services in the market that supports you to send money from the U.K to Sri Lanka efficiently with advanced support and simplicity. Teeparam supports sending money from the UK to Sri Lanka efficiently with utmost security over your transaction.


Select the service that suits your needs

Find an optimal service that suits your requirements and budgets like transaction fees, transaction duration, and limit and its feature that offers a simple and comfortable user experience.


Execute your transaction

After finding efficient and effective transaction services, sign up and start your transaction. Before that, ensure you have all the necessary documents that you need to make the transaction. You will be requested to submit all the necessary documents often when you make the transaction.

Methods to Send money to Sri Lanka From UK


Bank transfer

Bank transfer is the most efficient way to transfer money that saves you from transaction fees. But the bank transfer is comparatively slow which suits only the people who can wait for at least 5 working days to process the transaction. This comes in handy for the migratory workers who send money to their families on a daily basis. Business transactions may find inefficient by this bank transfer process as they need to make immediate transactions for their ventures.


Debit card payments

Debit cards are the best option to make international transactions instantly with low transaction and service charges compared to credit cards. For debit card payments the name of the account holder and the account name on the Teeparam exchange must be the same to execute the transaction. Currently, Teeparam exchange accepts all the international debit cards which are enabled with 3D security and support to process the majority of international currency transfers effectively.



Payment initiation service provider is also a payment method that supports international transfer efficiently as same as the bank transfer. This method is not widely used and accepted in all other bank accounts. This method will be an efficient and effective method to make transactions if it is widely accepted in all banks.



Swift is the most expensive method to make international money transfers and also takes a longer duration to process the transaction. As the process includes multiple banks to execute the transaction, the user has to bear the charges imposed by the respective banks that process the transactions.

Top features offered by Teeparam



Teeparam Exchange platform is a FCA approved international service provider that follows the top-notch security protocols to secure your transactions and manage the funds effectively by preventing hacks and technical breaches.



Teeparam Exchange platform is developed with the most advanced technology and reliable ecosystem to ensure the platform is strong enough to sustain any catastrophic failure and prevent the users' data and ongoing transactions.



Teeparam Exchange offers the most advanced features to transfer money efficiently. Its advanced calculator allows you to calculate the charges included in your transactions and the amount your recipient receives after the transactions. This feature allows the users to know how much their recipient can receive after the charges and send money accordingly.


Instant Transactions

Teeparam Exchange offers a comparatively faster transaction speed that assists the users in making instant cross-border transactions which means you can send money from India to the U.K instantly with an exchange that facilitates ensured security, transparency over your funds, and process instant transactions.


Low Charges

Teeparam Exchange makes cross-border transactions easier and more efficient with low remittance fees. This supports the expatriates to easily transfer money from one country to another effortlessly with ensured security and transparency. Additionally, Teeparam Exchange credits more than the actual price value of your recipient’s currency value. This makes your recipient receive additional money compared to other exchanges with happy faces.

Why Teeparam?

Teeparam is a FCA approved international money transfer service provider with the capability of performing bulk transactions efficiently without any failures. With a sophisticated infrastructure and reliable security. Teeparam assists individuals and international businesses to make bulk transactions effectively. Download our mobile application that assists you to make international transactions on the go. The mobile app is available in both App Store and Google Play compatible with multiple platforms for user’s convenience. Make Hassle free international transactions efficiently with Teeparam exchange.


Frequently Asked Questions

We are regulated by Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. It is our legal binding to verify your identity as a UK resident.

Bank Transfer to our business account and payments made by using credit or debit cards. Bank Transfer is the recommended and preferred method of payment. There may be restrictions on credit and debit card payment as well as there may be a fee charged on top. We strictly do not accept Bank Deposits.

Yes. We send email notifications to keep you informed. You can even view the transfer status by signing in into your Teeparam account.

Transfer usually takes few hours to couple of days depending on the recipient’s bank. Delivery time may also be affected by UK or recipient country’s Bank Holidays.

Teeparam’s pay-out partner bank/agent may have completed the transfer process but the recipient’s bank would not have displayed it in their account. Please allow couple of hours to be displayed, if the problem persists then please contact our support team. We will make sure money is with your recipient as promised.

There is no restriction on the number of recipients you may have on your account.

Please login in to your account and under My Account you will find document section where you can upload the document.

Bank Transfer to our business account and payments made by using credit or debit cards. Bank Transfer is the recommended and preferred method of payment. There may be restrictions on credit and debit card payment as well as there may be a fee charged on top. We strictly do not accept Bank Deposits.

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