Benefits of Studying in UK

Benefits of Studying in UK

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If you are a fresh school leaver or a parent looking to go abroad for further studies or planning to send your child abroad for further studies or schooling, there are many options nowadays to choose from.

Many countries around the globe offer higher educational and schooling facilities to international students. Finding the best country for studies may depend on various reasons. Out of many options available the UK remains as one of the best destinations for studies.

Choosing a country or a city for studies does not mean only you are going to gain the education through the institute you are enrolled with. The area you are going to move to or the city you are planning to live in, the people around and the culture may give you lots of knowledge as you started living there.

There are a variety of reasons for you to consider studying in the UK. With top quality education and an undisputed reputation for academic excellence and quality of life you can gain various values by studying in the UK. This is why more than 450,000 international students choose the UK each year for their higher studies.

Best quality education

Educational benefits offered by the UK is the main reason for many international students choosing the UK for their higher studies. Most of the universities in the UK are well recognized throughout the world and perform well in world ranking. The educational qualifications obtained from a UK universities are accepted by most of the employers worldwide.

Since the UK is located close to many other European countries it gives you an opportunity to explore these countries while studying. British schools on the other hand, have a very rich history and tradition and provide world class education for students. The education system in Britain not only focuses on personal development of the students but it also helps students to build a good network around them while studying.

Multiple choices

One of the biggest advantages in studying in the UK is you can choose a variety of undergraduate and degree programmes and even combine these courses to make a tailor made degree programme that suits your needs and interests. Every degree is widely accepted in the world and after completion of your studies you can start your professional career in any part of the world.

Skill Development

Once completing studies, obtaining employment is extremely competitive nowadays. If you want to stand out from the rest it is best to gain your educational qualification from the UK. The UK education system is designed to develop skills and knowledge.

By exposing their students to many world class researches that provide specific skills that include practical, critical and creative thinking. The programmes are more focusing on the practical studies than the text books which will provide analytical skills on students.

Improve language skills

Many other countries that offer better higher education may not be using English as the first language. Choosing a country like this makes you learn their language for better communication while living in that country. The UK is the country where the English language originated and it is the best place for you to improve your English language skills.

English being the most accepted language worldwide improving the knowledge of English will always keep you ahead from the rest when hunting for jobs. With a wide cultural diversity there are many chances for you to learn many other languages while studying in the UK.

The good news is there are many UK universities that do not require English language tests or well-known IELTS like language exams to acquire admission if your previous education was in English and you have scored more than 75 percent in English.

Budget friendly

Many universities and colleges in the UK offer short courses which can save lots of money spending on lengthy programmes. It is cost effective to study in the UK compared to many other international destinations and the educational institutes in the UK offer flexible payment options on their fees.

There are many scholarships, grants and bursaries available to international students. There are many scholarships available for foreign students that offer financial support for education and in some cases to cover cost of living as well.

On the other hand, the cost of living in the UK is reasonable. London being the capital is a little expensive compared to other cities in the UK. But overall the UK is not an expensive country to live in, especially with free health care facilities. International student’s health care card enables you to get free medical treatments and sometimes your family members also can enjoy the benefits.

Flexible study hours

Most of the universities in the UK offer flexible studying times which enable you to do some part time work while studying. 20 hours of part time work per week is allowed in most of the universities. The working experience while studying will be a plus point when applying for jobs after graduation.

Post study opportunities

International students who wish to continue staying in the UK or want to find a job after they complete their studies can apply for a post study work visa. It allows you to stay in the UK for another two years looking for a suitable job.

Enjoy the culture and travel around

The UK is a multicultural country and people from many different countries live here and you find worship places from all religions. It is also a very peaceful country to live in and there are many entertainments available for you to enjoy.

Living in a diverse society will provide many new life experiences and the country's rich history can be learned by visiting the historical monuments, museums and galleries. There are many art galleries, concerts, open-air markets, pubs, restaurants and nightclubs that can take your boredom away.

It is an ideal place to be if you want to travel around Europe. In the United Kingdom itself you can travel to Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland and experience each county’s lifestyle. Public transportation offers special rates for students and it is one of the reliable ways to travel to Europe.

The UK has always been a top study destination for international students and there are many reasons behind it. The universities offer studies in many areas including science, art, engineering, design, law, finance, IT and business management.

The United Kingdom is expecting around 600 000 international students to enter their universities each year by 2030. Plus, according to the QS world University Ranking “Best Student Cities 2023” ranking includes 15 states of the United Kingdom. Also QS has identified 89 of the UK universities as the top ranking universities for 2023.

So there’s no doubt that more and more international students try entering the British education system each year. Once you have decided to study in the UK you can select a university that offers the best course for you. However, after selecting a course there are numerous things to be done in order to get your student visa before flying to the UK.

Most of the universities and the country's authorized institutions are very helpful in providing necessary information. It is one of the best countries to obtain your educational qualifications. With many international students and diverse culture, you will never feel alone in this beautiful island nation.

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