How much does it cost to live in the UK?

How much does it cost to live in the UK?

The UK being one of the well developed nations with robust economy, it is also one of the popular choices for people to live and work. Its advanced infrastructure and consistent growth in economy with ever rising job opportunities attracts people from different parts of the world. The rich cultural heritage and magnificent history of its kingdom that stamped its presence in half of the world, made the country filled with diverse culture and resources.

As the country explored major parts of the globe it adopted a wide range of business scopes and provided exceptional job opportunities with enormous manufacturing plants from various industries. With established businesses and advanced infrastructure, the country's economy majorly depends on its imports and exports. This nonstop process in manufacturing goods and supplies demanded a humongous manpower which made the country welcome the employees from major parts of the world.

To make these expatriates more comfortable and satisfied, the country has developed better infrastructure, education and lifestyle along with the hefty salaries. This made many immigrants aim for permanent residence in the UK to live a more elegant life with its advanced infrastructure technological development.

30- 40 percent of the population in the UK are immigrants who left their home towns in search of employment or business opportunities. Countries like the UK are progressively developed from the locations that served as a hub for the production and trade of products. Due to the consistent dependencies in imports and exports, the industries and industrial facilities required a significant amount of labor.

For job prospects, so many people have moved out of the city, and numerous businesses and retail establishments have grown there as well to serve the population. The same is true on a large scale, which drives people to migrate from their home countries to other developed ones that offer good employment and business opportunities as well as a comfortable lifestyle and a better standard of living that enables them to support their family members who reside in their home countries.

In addition, the development of technology and improvements in infrastructure allowed individuals in developing nations to acquire the knowledge and skills required to meet the demands of these developed nations, which provide a nice life with respectable wages and housing to support themselves.

In order to support their imports and exports, which boost their economies, nations like the UK have welcomed a large number of migrant laborers to work in their industrial businesses. Due to the UK's extensive manufacturing facilities and diverse infrastructure, many people were able to find jobs there.

People moved to the UK from all over the world, particularly from poor nations like Sri Lanka, because of the ease and work prospects there. As more Sri Lankans relocate to the UK, these individuals want to send money online back to their country of origin and the families they have there. The remittances from migrant workers and expatriates in different nations have a significant positive impact on Sri Lanka's economy.

Furthermore, due to the massive volume of trade and frequent international transactions between the UK and Sri Lanka, international exchanges now provide greater exchange rates, making it easier for expats to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK.

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Education is also one of the major factors that elevates the growth of the country and supports the people to upgrade their skill and protrude out with the global standards which are recognized and welcomed across developed nations with great job opportunities.

The UK’s world class education from various well established universities like Oxford and Cambridge will also make a huge contribution to the country in welcoming immigrants from different parts of the world. The reason behind such premium education is its talented teachers who excel in their field of study and create innovative teaching methodologies that aids students to understand complex concepts easily which creates interest in studies for pupils who boards for their future endeavors. The UK's educational system also holds the prestigious history of creating legendary scientists and innovators whose contribution matters so much in today’s world which provides opportunities to explore the unexplored path in science and technology and bring phenomenal innovations to society.

The education authority of the UK has tailored the education system to meet the global standards which emanate from the students who graduate from the universities of UK and offer their services with exceptional creativity and work ethics. There are thousands of people boarding to the UK for educational purposes every year to nurture and nourish their dreams.

While the country experiences huge traction from the global population, one must seriously consider the living cost in the UK before migration.

Here are the rough charges of basic living costs in the UK.

Comparing basic cost of living 1 bedroom flat in city center (monthly rent) Meal for 2 (mid- range restaurant, three courses) Transportation (monthly pass)
London, UK £1,799 £65 £160
Manchester, UK £925 £60 £78
Edinburgh, UK £926 £60 £60

The rent and other expenses vary from one region to another based on their infrastructure and demand for the accommodations. Here, we brought you the expenses of a major part of the UK where the expatriates accommodates for their employment and educational purposes.

Living expenses in London (excluding rent) Average cost
Single person, per month £919
Single person, per year £11,028
4 person family, per month £3,196
4 person family, per year £38,352
Living expenses in Manchester (excluding rent) Average cost
Single person, per month £728
Single person, per year £8,736
4 person family, per month £2,508
4 person family, per year £30,096
Living expenses in Edinburgh (excluding rent) Average cost
Single person, per month £678
Single person, per year £8,136
4 person family, per month £2,380
4 person family, per year £28,560

What is the average cost for living comfortably in the UK?

There are no limitations when we consider living expenses. The living cost may vary from one individual to another based on their living standards and their definition for comfort. Also the expense depends on the city you choose to live in. Popular cities like London cost you higher compared to its neighboring cities. However, the living cost of each individual depends on their personal standards of living.

Based on the rough estimation with all the above mentioned expenses, an average living cost for a single person will be merely £20,383 per year. The Central part of London may cost you £35,286 a year for a decent living and the exterior London will cost you around £28,817

Those who have children require more money obviously because they have higher expenses. Therefore, a family with two elementary school-aged children can live well on £35,824 per year outside of London. In contrast, a single parent with one child in elementary school will require £527.55 a week.

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