Why you should choose Teeparam Exchange to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK.

Why you should choose Teeparam Exchange to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK

Sri Lanka is a country that is praised as the pearl of the Indian ocean for its shape that looks on the map. The country is also called "The teardrop of India" as it looks like a teardrop from the face-like structure of India. Sri Lanka is known for its culture and prehistoric legends that live in every nook and corner of the country.

As Sri Lanka is comparatively smaller compared to other countries it also lags in providing business and employment opportunities in the country which is also one of the main reasons for its economic crisis. This made people migrate to foreign countries in search of jobs and business opportunities. As many people migrated to work in foreign countries they constantly made international transactions to and forth to fulfill the needs of their families and themselves. In this pursuit of essentials and employment, the UK supported these people with their large Britain manufacturing industries that required enormous manpower to manufacture and supply their goods worldwide. These manufacturing industries hired laborers from countries like Sri Lanka which supported these underdeveloped countries in multiple ways along with the employment opportunities for the people to fulfill their essential needs and take care of their families which are residing in Sri Lanka. The Remittance fee is one of the primary incomes that supported the economy of Sri Lanka in the larger medium as the migratory workers send money constantly to their homeland to support their families. Teeparam Exchange comes into the picture to support these expatriates in multiple ways assisting from efficient services to simple user experience focusing these laborers to use it without taking the hassle of reaching the banks and paying a lump sum for transactions and waiting a week to process the transactions.

To process, any international transaction one should be aware of the methods and processes that involve in making international transactions.

Bank transfer:

Bank transfer is the most efficient way to transfer money that saves you from transaction fees. But the bank transfer is comparatively slow which suits only the people who can wait for at least 5 working days to process the transaction. This comes in handy for the migratory workers who send money to their families on a daily basis. Business transactions may find inefficient by this bank transfer process as they need to make immediate transactions for their ventures.

Debit card payments:

Debit cards are the best option to make international transactions instantly with low transaction and service charges compared to credit cards. For debit card payments the name of the account holder and the account name on the Teeparam exchange must be the same to execute the transaction. Currently, Teeparam exchange accepts all the international debit cards which are enabled with 3D security and support to process the majority of international currency transfers effectively.

Credit card payments:

Credit card payment is one of the helpful ways to send money to Sri Lanka in emergency situations instantly but the charges it includes are quite expensive. This process also demands the same account holder for both the credit card and the account in the Teeparam Exchange. This credit card payment method supports you to make emergency transactions when needed even if you don't have money to send.


Payment initiation service provider is also a payment method that supports international transfer efficiently as same as the bank transfer. This method is not widely used and accepted in all other bank accounts. This method will be an efficient and effective method to make transactions if it is widely accepted in all banks.


Swift is the most expensive method to make international money transfers and also takes a longer duration to process the transaction. As the process includes multiple banks to execute the transaction, the user has to bear the charges imposed by the respective banks that process the transactions.

Special benefits offered by Teeparam Exchange to send money to Sri Lanka from the UK.

Its transaction fee:

The transaction fee is a nightmare for expatriates who make international transactions regularly. Teeparam sorts it out by offering comparative prices to make international transactions effectively.

Increased price range:

Teeparam's influence in multiple international banks supports offering extra prices for the conversion compared to other international exchanges in the market. Eg: if one dollar is 360 LKR.Teeparam offers 360.5 LKR. This small difference makes a huge impact on your accounts over the consistent international transfers in the long term.

Exceptional services:

Teeparam Exchange offers an effective service for the comfort of users to make transactions effectively by providing essential tools to calculate the amount that will be received by the recipients after the transaction charges.

Simplified user experience:

Teeparam Exchange offers a sophisticated user experience that makes it easy for a layman to understand the process and execute the transaction within a few clicks. User experience is a serious factor that makes any process feel easy and effective. Teeparam deals with it intellectually by developing a consumer-centric platform that supports the users to explore the platform and use the services effectively and at ease.

Send money to Sri Lanka from the UK with Teeparam Exchange

Teeparam Exchange is a FCA-approved international money transfer platform that facilitates the most secured and reliable ecosystem to send money from the UK to Sri Lanka and anywhere across the world efficiently. Its transparent service and simplified user experience make the users trust the platform and execute bulk transactions in simple steps. The platform undergoes all the necessary security protocols to offer the most secured services as the platform manages international funds and transaction details of many business officials.

Before opting to make international transactions, know the methods available and processes involved in making transactions and choose the optimal solution that suits your requirements efficiently. Explore the available methods for making international transactions offered by Teepram Exchange and make hassle-free transactions. As Teeparam is dedicated to serving the people and connecting them from different geographical locations, it offers efficient services with reliable security to satisfy the users' needs and meet their requirements through consistent service in a way of benefits its users. Support your family friends and relatives who live in Sri Lanka during this economic crisis and hold their hands by sending money to Sri Lanka through exchange.