Mahatma Gandhi: The Man of Values

Mahatma Gandhi: The Man of Values

5 Best Qualities to Inherit from Mahatma Gandhi

What comes to your mind when you think of October 2, every year? It is a national holiday! On birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, every year October 2 is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanthi.

When turning back the pages in Indian History, several men have created a great impact by instigating values. One among them is Mohandas Gandhi, who was widely known for his charisma and analytical skills. Though he was well-known as a politician, he is also famous as a writer, an intellectual, and an orator. He was complex man who believed in simple things.

Gandhiji would teach us many essential lessons, be it life, leadership, and much more. As a man of action, he implemented a thoughtful principle - the 4E's throughout his life: Envision, Enable, Empower, and Energise.

Top 5 Mandatory Qualities to Inherit from Mahatma Gandhi

As said, Gandhiji is a man of values and is known for his principles of peace & non-violence. His values are so strong and powerful that even today, we must follow to live a peaceful life in this fast changing world.

Following are the top 5 qualities from Gandhiji's life that are important for us to follow:

  •   Have Faith in Yourself
  •   Learn to Seek the Truth, even if it is hard
  •   Lead by Example
  •   Spirit of Service
  •   Being SIMPLE is the Ultimate Sophistication

Have Faith in Yourself

The most important thing in life is to have faith in oneself.

As Gandhiji says,

First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight with you. Then, you win!

At times, life can be hard, really hard! You might find several roadblocks on the path to your dreams and aspirations. Use these roadblocks as a step-stone to achieve your dreams. First, we need to overcome our inner demons. Seek the support of your close ones without any hesitation. Find the right path at the right time to navigate the politics and treachery that are thrown at you.

Changing your attitude while dealing with adversity would help you to reach the goal successfully. Rather than wondering about the why's, focus on how to get out of this.

Learn to Seek the Truth, Even if it is Hard

One of the famous sayings of Gandhiji

here is no God higher than Truth!

Being truthful implies several things. It implies:
  •  Doing the right thing even if nobody is watching
  •  An attitude to question everything about our society and ourselves. Do not accept anything blindly. This would definitely help in developing your critical thinking.
  •  Keep examining and analysing your behaviour and actions. Do not shy about your mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and accelerate your self-development
  •  Do not judge anything or anyone quickly. Learn to understand the intentions and motives of actions.

Seek truth in everything - your thought, truth in speech, and truth in action! To simplify, being true to yourself is the first step to seek truth in everything.

Lead by Example

If you want to change the world, learn to change your thoughts and actions

As Gandhiji says,

You must be the change you wish to see in this world

In today's world, you can find competition everywhere. Everyone wants to be a leader. When you consider the corporate sector, you will witness the real competition where each one of us want to climb up the ladder.

We expect many qualities from our colleagues and juniors - be it sincerity, punctuality, devotion to duty, or attention and eye for detail; first we must cultivate within ourselves.

Before setting standards for others, we need to set it for ourselves.

Spirit of Service

In today's generation, it is very hard to find selflessness. Be it a professional or personal relationship, every relationship has become transactional. Everyone has started focusing on self-interests.

This is against the concept of "spirit of service." It is all about being selfless and available in service of others. Extend your hand to help others without expecting anything in return. Through simple actions, we can develop this mindset of "spirit of service."

Some of the actions include:
  •  Going out of way to help your close ones or even strangers
  •  Responding to people who reach us for help - be it in real life or through social media
  •  Extending help and support for good causes by spending time and/or money
  •  Helping the people who help us - including maid, milkman, vegetable/fruit sellers, security or anyone who see our help

As Gandhiji says,

the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others

Being SIMPLE is the Ultimate Sophistication

Modern life is so complicated. More than anything, we have started focusing on shallow things.

A person who lives and exhibits out a great amount of worldly experience, especially in fashion and culture, is often referred to as a sophisticated person. Focusing on materialistic things will only serve as a breeding ground for negative emotions - greed, anger, jealousy, and so on. At times, it might make us becoming dishonest and manipulative.

As Gandhiji says,

Simplicity is the essence of universality

To be simple means:
  •  Focus on really big things (goals) that matters in life, rather than the shallow things
  •  Develop a value system and stick on to it as much as possible. This will help you earn people's respect.
  •  Find happiness and joy in smaller things instead of going behind money and self-indulgence

Living a simple life, with high-level of thoughts is the utmost sophistication you can have in your life.

Take Awa...

Every person in our history teach us that an extraordinary purpose awaits us that is beyond our imagination. Gandhiji's life is a real-life example for each one of us. Our aim should be to become better versions of ourselves every day.

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