How To Transfer Money to Nepal through Teeparam Exchange?

How To Transfer Money to Nepal through Teeparam Exchange?

If you are residing in the United Kingdom and you need to transfer money to Nepal, of course you will be left with many options such as SWIFT Wire Transfers, Bank Drafts, Online Money Transfers, etc. When considering the reliability, speed, lower transaction and overhead fees and most importantly hassle-free process Teeparam Exchange comes as your first choice.

TEEPARAM EXCHANGE LIMITED is an United Kingdom based Private Limited Company. The company is registered under the category “Financial Intermediation '' and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Teeparam Exchange is located at 261 LONDON ROAD, ENGLAND, CROYDON, CR0 2RL. It is a reputed worldwide Money Transfer service that provides,

  •  Money transferring is more secure, fast and convenient.
  •  latest security and technology that keep improving.

We offer the lowest transfer fee and our Sri Lanka exchange rate is the best in UK. helping expatriates, students and business operators in the United Kingdom to send money back home or elsewhere. They excel at money transfers by providing a fast and reliable service and transfers are mostly done the same day or latest the next day. Teeparam exchange follows the top security protocols to securely manage your funds and make transactions efficiently.

Teeparam exchange makes your international exchange more efficient by connecting with its own local banks, which are spread across the globe, forming a wide network to offer effective international money transfer service with a better efficiency.

Teeparam mobile app is equipped with advanced security protocols to manage and transfer bulk funds and credentials effectively by defending the platform from hacks and technical breaches. Teeparam is an FCA-approved money transfer service provider that enables people to make efficient transactions across international borders. The widespread network of Teeparam exchange across the globe enables faster transferring of cash from one country to another compared to bank transfers.

Also, the Teeparam exchange provides the most advanced wallet to manage your funds efficiently and make international transactions more efficient with frequent offers.

You can use their service simply by visiting their website from your laptop or desktop computer or by downloading their app onto your Android or Apple mobile by downloading the app from Google or Apple store.

To use their services, you need to be located in the United Kingdom and need to have a Government issued ID or passport.

It is very simple to use Teeparam Exchange transfer services,


First you need to visit their website or download the app to your mobile. Then you need to register or open an account with them. Online registration can be done by clicking the “Sign up” button located bottom or clicking “continue” button located top left hand side below the Money transfer window.

You will be prompted to another window which you need to provide a valid email address and a password. (When you are entering the password make sure your password does not contain special characters like #,-, /*) Once successfully entered the email and the password click the “NEXT” button in the bottom.

Once the Step 2 window appears you need to enter details as Title, your first, middle and last names, Your date of Birth and a mobile number. After completing your personal information press the next button and the site will lead you to step 3.

In Step 3 window you need to provide further information about you such as your address with Postal code House Number, Street Address, Country (this has been set default to United Kingdom), City, and then some optional fields such as Nationality, Employment status, Profession, Company Name, etc.

After completing you can click the “Register” button below.

If you have completed the registration forms without any errors a pop-up window will appear indicating “Registration Successful”. Once the registration is completed Teeparam Exchange will send an email for verification to the email address you have provided at the time of registration. When you completed the verification you will be receiving another email from Teeparam Exchange stating “Registration Successful”.

Then the site will take you to a new page where you have to face a liveliness test and to scan your ID or passport. Teeparam Exchange accepts International Passports or United Kingdom Driver's Licenses as valid documents.

Once the camera of the device you are using to register is activated and your ID is set up click the “continue to document scan” button below, which will take you to the next window as Teeparam Exchange scans your ID with their app. (When taking the photo make sure to avoid shadows, glares or the flash of the camera for a better quality photo)

On completion of your ID Scan and Liveness check, you will get a success screen to confirm completion of onboarding.

Once this step is completed and successful the Teeparam Exchange will take a few working days to verify your details. If all your information was approved by the company then you can go ahead with transferring money.

Transferring Money

Transferring money to Nepal has become very convenient with Teeparam. If you are a registered user of the Teeparam web site just visit the website and sign in with your registered email. Then simply use the Transfer window on the top left-hand side on the Teeparam Exchange website.

Go to the “Sending to” tab and select “Nepal” from the list. And then type the amount you are planning to send in United Kingdom Sterling Pounds (GBP), Then in the bottom tab you can see the Guaranteed amount the recipient will get In Nepalese Rupees (NPR). In the same window you can see the transfer fee Teeparam Exchange will be charging. Then press the “continue” button.

To make your payment there are few options available. By handing over to any of the Teeparam Exchange branches, Bank Transfer to their business account or pay from your credit or debit card. Bank Transfer is the recommended and preferred method of payment. There may be restrictions on credit and debit card payment as well as there may be an additional fee. Teeparam Exchange strictly does not accept Bank Deposits.

If you choose the “Pay with the bank” option which is available both on computer and mobiles you can remain in their website or app while you pay. This process is easy and quick. Bank app is accessed using Biometrics validated on your mobile device, and you are not required to type in the account number or sort code. Everything will be pre-set you just need to review and confirm.

Transfer usually takes a few hours to a couple of days depending on the recipient’s bank. Delivery time may also be affected by the UK or recipient country’s Bank Holidays.

And to track your fund transfers status Teeparam Exchange sends email notifications to keep you informed. You can even view the transfer status by signing to your Teeparam account.

This is the easiest and safest way to send money to Nepal. And guess what…. there are no restrictions on the number of recipients you can have on your account.