Is there any Fee-Free Money Transfer service to Sri Lanka during Christmas?


For a good lot of Sri Lankans with family or friends abroad, COVID-19 travel restrictions have led to months of missed celebrations - weddings, birthdays, and soon, Christmas reunions too.

But what is the alternative when you are unable to pay a visit in person? Sending cash gifts via an international money transfer is one popular way to celebrate with loved ones from a distance.

It’s not only cheaper than posting physical presents but also a lot faster, especially as COVID-19 causes parcel delays worldwide. Plus, if your loved ones are struggling to make ends meet right now, a cash gift could provide much needed financial support.

There are so many Sri Lankans in London regularly moving their money from the UK back home. However, if you’ve been sticking with your bank when transferring those funds, you could be losing out to poor exchange rates and high transfer fees.

Transferring money online is the fastest and most inexpensive method of international money transfer, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. You can transfer money online in one of the following ways:

The good news is that London is home to several specialist money transfer providers who offer far more competitive rates than the banks as well as fee-free transfers and speedy online services, with Teeparam Exchange being one of the best of the lot. If you are looking to transfer your money to Sri Lanka, then chose Teeparam Exchange

Reasons to choose Teeparam Exchange:

We realize it's your hard-earned money. We make sure to send you the highest rates and keep fees to a minimum because you deserve to get a better rate and pay low fees. Why would you send us a relay?

  • You pay for what is displayed.
  • The beneficiary receives the money on time.
  • No hidden charges
  • We value transparency
  • Fee Free money transfer to Sri Lanka!

    At Teeparam Exchange, your money is in good hands. We are also very affordable. And what more a great gift than a fee-free money transfer. Yes, you are reading it right at Teeparam Exchange, we provide a fee-free money transfer to Sri Lanka. You can refer a friend and earn £5 for you, while your friend gets the first transfer fee-free.

    So say goodbye to being stung by hefty money transfer costs, and hello to our Teeparam money transfer provider in Croydonand online. We can help you keep more money in your wallet this Christmas.

    Our Final Say:

    With Teeparam Exchange you can make a quick, reliable and trustworthy money transfer to Sri Lanka this Christmas. We are also providing you with a fee-free money transfer service to Sri Lanka. With Teeparam Exchange you will always get honest answers, no hidden fees and you get what you see.

    The recipient in Sri Lanka can collect cash or the Sri Lankan Rupees will be deposited directly to their Bank Account. We have made both payment options available for you, bank transfer or pay by card, choose what best suits you.