Benefits of Working in UK: Wage and Working Conditions

Benefits of Working in UK: Wage and Working Conditions

The United Kingdom is a country with a very remarkable history and it is a land with deep traditions, old buildings and gardens. The United Kingdom (UK) is also a well-developed country full of opportunities for both locals and foreigners. The country is open to many talented foreigners from around the world for better education and employment.

This is why the UK has become one of the popular destinations for foreigners looking for overseas careers. Being the second largest economy in Europe and 5th largest in the world the UK offers many benefits for its workers. It is one of the biggest manufacturing economies in the world and home to many major industrial giants. However, living may be a little costly in the UK but it is one of the safest countries to live with minimum unemployment rate.

The United Kingdom is well known for its rich cultural diversity and it is full of foreign workers and migrants. It is famous for the quality of life and for a range of benefits that are available for its employees.

More income

The biggest advantage in working in the UK is you get paid in pounds. With a high exchange rate, you can earn more money than what you earn in your home country.

Especially if you are a migrant worker and need to spend money on a regular basis to the country you belong to for your loved ones, they can have a better life with the money you send since they will be spending it after converting it into local currency.

High chances of getting a permanent residency

If you are working in the UK for five consecutive years you can apply for a permanent residency in the UK. If you are granted PR, you get to work in any part of the UK and get the opportunity to bring your family to the UK to live with you.

Health service

Public healthcare is free to all the residents in the UK. It also includes emergency healthcare. Even the private healthcare system provides an excellent service with a reasonable cost and many healthcare policies and insurances.

According to the Commonwealth Fund Analysis of Healthcare Systems in 11 countries, the NHS has been ranked as the safest and most affordable. NHS is a hassle free system with less paper work and will not make you bankrupt due to high medical bills or do not make you miss any medical treatments due to financial constraints.


If you are thinking of the country, the UK offers many commercial airports that keep expanding. Travelling from the UK to many European destinations remains comparatively cheap. So it is a great opportunity to discover Europe while living in the UK.

Railway system on the other hand is the oldest in the world and is the 5th most used railway system in the world. It allows you to reach any part of the country without a need to fly.

Social security benefits

Once you obtain your social security number you are eligible for the following benefits as an employee.

  • 1. National Insurance: Financial assistance will be provided for sicknesses, unemployment, death of a partner or retirement. National Insurance contributions need to be paid in order to obtain these benefits.
  • 2. National Health Service: To enjoy this service you need to have a Social security number. If you got one then all your medical, optical and dental treatments will be free.
  • 3. Child benefit and Child Tax Credit: Under this scheme cash benefits are provided to the people who are raising children.
  • 4. Noncontributory benefits: This applies for disabled and for careers.
  • 5. Other statutory payments made by the employer to the employee: These include maternity, paternity, adoption leave, etc.

Working conditions

The average working days per week are Monday to Friday. Most of the places working hours per day are 8-9 hours. You can also find part time work or flexible working hours where there’s higher chances to make more money by working overtime. Some employers offer paid holidays ranging from 20-30 days per year. Unemployment rate in the UK remains very low and many employers believe that the diversity in their work force develops creativity and many innovative ideas.


The minimum wage in the UK depends on the age of the employee. Students (teens aged between 16-17) who do part time may get paid minimum £4.15 per hour and those who are older than 25 years may not work for less than £8.72 per hour. The UK government has not mandated overtime pay for workers but many jobs pay overtime if the job requires overtime work. If a worker is sick for a long time he or she is entitled for statutory sick pay for up to 28 weeks. It provides £95.85 per week and is paid by the employer.


  • Maternity leave: It is divided into two parts. Ordinary maternity leave which is for 26 weeks and additional maternity leave for another additional 26 weeks.
  • Paternity leave: Can be taken for two weeks after the child is born.
  • Shared parental leave: This can extend up to 50 weeks with up to 37 weeks paid. Parents do not have to take this leave together at the same time but need to be used within the first year of the child.


Pensions are one of the mandatory benefits employees can get in the UK. Both employer and the employee contribute towards the pension and most of the time the employer contribution is more.

New lifestyle

Due to the country’s vast cultural diversity, working in the UK can bring many new life experiences. It will give an opportunity to experience different architecture, art, literature, music, cinema and sports. While working in the UK you can visit world famous museums, art galleries, castles and reserved parks during your off days. It is a culturally rich country where you find a multicultural society with many different entertainments to enjoy.

When you start working in the UK you can enjoy retirement, holiday pay, maternity/paternity and sick pay as these are common benefits offered by many employers in the UK.

Additionally, there can be life assurance, income protection (long-term disability) GIP, critical illness insurance, private medical insurance, dental insurance, the health cash plan, employee assistance programs and virtual GP services, and employer-sponsored retirement offered to you by your employer.

Depending on your position, experience and qualification you may get a company maintained car, trainings, season ticket loans, child care vouchers, gymnasiums and workplace canteens.

Even though the country’s unemployment rate remains low there is a big shortage of skilled workers in the UK. There are many foreign communities living in the UK and if you are thinking of joining the UK’s labour force as a foreigner don’t worry you will be in good company.

If you have the right qualifications, skills and experience you may have a very big chance of securing employment in the UK. As a country with diverse job sectors, better working conditions and numerous employment opportunities, it's no surprise that it's a popular destination for many migrant workers wanting to kick start their career in the UK. Read our blog to know more about the best place to live in UK for Immigrant Workers.