Valentine’s Day | Send Money and surprise Your Loved Ones with Teeparam Exchange


How many Sri Lankans you know have moved to the UK or possibly to London? Well, shifting base and moving countries to explore richer lifestyles and smoother career paths are super common over the last few decades.

The fundamental aim for most people who step out of their comfort zone, leaving the family behind is to send money back home. This makes foreign remittance an extremely important process. It empowers an entire family thousands of miles away, all in one click. Moreover, uplifting your country back home as the bigger picture.

Consequently, you work hard to achieve monetary rewards, which is why fluctuating exchange rates and hidden fees related to transferring money to your family is a task! It may come across to you as middle agents and banks wanting a cut in your earnings with their exuberant fees. But no, there are unavoidable fees to be paid so you can make regular transfers. Timing is everything if you want to tackle the issue.

Factors like interest rates, inflation, political events, trade imports and exports, worldwide economic trends, interbank exchange rates, and much more influence exchange rates. Although tough to predict, there are various parameters based on which you can transfer money to Sri Lanka in the most beneficial ways, and we have a whole guide to enlighten you with Teeparam Exchange.

So you want to send money to Sri Lanka? You've found the best way for a fee-free money transfer to Sri Lanka Exchange this Valentine’s Day.

Benefits of transferring money to Sri Lanka with Teeparam, this Valentine’s Day:

  Affordable : thanks to great exchange rates and NO FEES.

 Secure : thanks to safe credit card payments and the highest safety standards.

 Significantly faster than standard international bank transfers

 Comfortable Remit money to Sri Lanka this valentine’s day, it just takes only a few minutes.

Transfer money to Sri Lanka with our mobile app:

Customers can use Teeparam's mobile app or website to transfer money. With Teeparam Exchange it's very easy and cheap. We also offer you a better rate with on sending money to Sri Lanka this Valentine’s Day.

Just use our website or the App, simply choose the amount you want to send, select where you want the money to be paid out and decide if you want to pay with your bank account, or card. That's it!

What more? You also get a fee-free transfer to Sri Lanka with Teeparam Exchange on registration.

Our final say:

Are you planning to send a Valentine’s Day gift to Sri Lanka? Transfer money to Sri Lanka safely to your loved ones with Teeparam Exchange.

Your loved one in Sri Lanka can collect cash or the Sri Lankan Rupees will be deposited directly to their Bank Account. We have made both payment options available for you, bank transfer, pay by card at one of our branches; choose what best suits you.

Wish you Happy Valentines Day.