Transfer Money to Sri Lanka in Lockdown, is it possible?


Money Transfer is considered as an essential service and hence even in lockdown, the Money Transfer service providers can operate either from Store or Online.

If you need to transfer money to Sri Lanka during this lockdown, the best way to do so is online. This is the best way to avoid the risk of contracting the virus. As the UK is dealing with the 2nd wave of the corona virus and with lockdown just coming to end – waiting in lineat a bank ormoney transfer agency is probably not thebestoption.

Whether you are trying to send money to your family member or a friend in Sri Lanka, here are some ways you can transfer money without having to wait in line at the bank or a transferring agency centre.

Transferring money online is the fastest and most inexpensive method of international money transfer, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. You can transfer money online in one of the following ways:

  • Through your bank’s e-services
  • Through Teeparam Exchange.
  • Through a money transfer agency
  • How to Transfer Money with Teeparam?

    Teeparam is a money remittance company that operateson line too. We are safe, fast, convenient, and inexpensive, and most importantly, you still comply with the coronavirus social distancing rules.

    Teeparam has relatively low fees, that is up to many times less than what banks will normally charge for the same kind of transfer. Before you make your transfer, you can see all their costs upfront, so you won’t receive a surprise extra charge later down the line.

    Teeparam is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

    To transfer money through Teeparam you have to:

    1. Create an account. Register on the website. There is a small sign-up form in our website we may ask you to upload your identification document (photo id proof like a passport or UK Driving license) and an address proof (bank statement or utility bill not older than 3 months).
    2. Our compliance officer does a quick verification check, usually takes 15mins on a working day. We do not do credit checks and assure you that your credit rating is unhurt.
    3. You are signed in into the system straight after registration and can process your first transfer. The transfer is processed after verification of your account. We may contact you in case we need more information
    4. Once you are signed in into the system, you can initiate money transfer request and pay for your transfer. We have various payment methods available which include paying Cash at one our branch, Bank Transfer to our business account or paying by card (restrictions apply). We will deliver the money as promised.
    5. Wait for your money to be transferred. In the meantime, you can track the process through our notifications to you.

    How long will my transfer take to complete?

    Your money gets transferred in a short span of time, the transfer usually takes a few hours to a couple of days depending on the recipient’s bank.


    With Teeparam Exchange you can make quick, reliable and trustworthy transfers and this is what we are known for. With Teeparam Exchange you will always get honest answers, no hidden fees and you get what you see. The recipient in Sri Lanka can collect cash or the Sri Lankan Rupees will be deposited directly to their Bank Account. We have made both payment options available for you, bank transfer, pay by card at one of our branches; choose what best suits you.