Money Transfer from Coventry to Colombo, Safe, Secure and Fast


Consistently, billions of dollars are recorded as remittances around the world. With the approach of innovation or technology, there are a few different ways to send money from Coventry to Colombo. With such countless choices accessible, it is vital to settle on the correct decision to try not to pay an excessive charge to transfer money.

If you are new to the idea of money transfer from Coventry to Colombo, Try using our money transfer calculator to get more information on the amount you can save and make a quick and safe exchange. We offer serious rates at low expenses or fees for money transfer and remit to Colombo and Sri Lanka.

Why Teeparam Exchange?

We are always and consistently open even during this pandemic period.

Cost-effective - Teeparam Exchange is good to provide money transfers at a good rate every day from Coventry to Colombo and around the world.

Secure - We use enterprise-grade security and take consideration in guaranteeing the safety, fast and convenience of Teeparam Exchange Money Transfer.

You need to develop a clear plan on how to manage your currencies and to ensure that you secure the best possible rate. We offer the lowest transfer fee and best exchange rates.

We provide same-day transfers and the recipient receives in a minute.

How does the Teeparam Exchange money transfer service work?

Sending money from Coventry to Colombo or Sri Lanka through Teeparam Exchange is safe, secure, and fast. Money transfers work by sending money electronically from your designated account to a bank account in Colombo where Teeparam Exchange works.

When transferring money using Teeparam Exchange, it only takes a few minutes to create an account and get going.

Create an account - You’ll need to sign up with Teeparam Exchange before you can transfer any money. Doing so is free, however, you’ll need to provide some identifying documents and personal details so you can be verified.

Input transfer details - Input how much, and where it’s going. You’ll need to provide details for where you wish the money to go. Teeparam Exchange receives your funds, clears them and deposits them into the designated account, and shows precisely how much the recipient will get and the charges you will be paying.

Money Transfer To Sri Lanka

We’re perfectly positioned to understanding and direction on transferring money to Sri Lanka

  • Improved exchange rates - Enjoy the best exchange rates and low fees on transfers to Sri Lanka 24 X 7, every day.
  • Exchange rates and transfer times within seconds, saving you the hassle of stress. Our service is 100% free-to-use for all customers.
  • We provide same-day transfers and the recipient receives in a minute.
  • Benefits of Teeparam Exchange
    1. The fee is low, reasonable, and fair.

      There's only one fair exchange rate, and that's the one you get on Teeparam Exchange and the fee for using Teeparam Exchange is always upfront.

    2. It is easy.

      Sending money is stress-free – no matter how far it’s traveling.

    3. It is fast.

      Sending money is as fast as sending an email. So we’ve made Teeparam Exchange as simple as logging on, signing up, and sending.

    Teeparam Exchange in Coventry

    Teeparam Exchange is a money transfer platform that provides money transfer services to Colombo and across the world. Operating @ Unit 9/10 Hales Industrial Park, Rowleys Green Lane, Coventry, CV6 6AT.

  • Teeparam Exchange is always and consistently open even during this pandemic period and seeks to provide an innovative and comprehensive range of financial services.
  • Teeparam Exchange offers the lowest transfer fee and best exchange competitive rates and a dedicated customer service team to support their clients.
  • Our goal is simple. We give our people a fair go by making money transfer secure, fast, and convenient through In-store or online money transfer and the receiver receives it in minutes.
  • Refer a friend and earn £5 towards your next transfer.