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Send Money to Sri Lanka and India: Celebrate Tamil New Year with Teeparam

In the spirit of gift-giving this Tamil New Year, send money to your loved ones, family and friends in Sri Lanka and India with Teeparam Exchange. What more, there’s also our usual offer of fee-free money transfer available for you.

Send money to Sri Lanka and India this Tamil New Year!

Help your family start this Tamil New Year feeling refreshed and renewed. With, Teeparam Exchange, you can send the money directly to your loved one’s bank account. You can choose the most convenient and fastest option for sending money to Sri Lanka and India and the best thing is that the transfers are all fee-free.

Why Choose Teeparam Exchange for this Tamil New Year?

  • At Teeparam, we offer the best rates.
  • Speed for transfers to Sri Lanka and India in the market!
  • We’ve been helping people all over the UK, to send money to Sri Lanka and India.
  • Teeparam Exchange was built mainly for immigrant, expatriates, students and working folks
  • Our main motto and priority are to provide the best rates with world-class customer care.
  • Transparency built with trust! No hidden charges
  • Fee-free money transfer specially framed for our dear customers.

At Teeparam Exchange, we always strive hard to keep our fees low and rates competitive so you get to send more to your loved ones.

You can also use our quick and easy to use mobile app!

Teeparam harnesses the potential of technology to revolutionise the way money is exchanged, making it more transparent and convenient for clients through the use of encrypted mobile apps.

Teeparam Exchange is a well-known name in the money transfer industry, offering reliable money exchange services. We strive to keep our fees as low as possible in order to provide you with more benefits.

Money transfer has become a convenient way to send money to loved ones via mobile apps. We keep your confidential information safe and completely encrypted. We keep your money transfer records private.

How much does it cost to transfer money to Sri Lanka and India?

Banks and other providers often add a mark-up to their exchange rate while advertising low fees, which means you could be paying huge hidden charges.

At Teeparam Exchange, we transparently display the fee upfront and deducts it before conversion. No nasty surprises. We then use the mid-market rate, without any mark-ups.

Planning to send money this Tamil New Year to Sri Lanka and India, we have you covered up and make this Tamil New Year, a memorable one for you and your loved one with a mind-blowingly quick and fee-free money transfer

Happy Tamil New Year to our beloved customers and loved ones!

With Teeparam Exchange you can count on the fact that we deliver on the promise! We hope your Puthanndu is filled with health, good fortune and wealth. Help brighten a loved one’s day by sending them a transfer!

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